The Coin of Asian Standard Payment Guaranteed

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What is Paya?

Paya was developed in with purpose of becoming a Asian standard currency for trading, buying and selling, currency exchange, supporting to donate to charity funds, non-governmental organizations. Paya was issued comunicative guaranteed model, Paya's price is more stable than Cryptocurrency, helping Paya become an intermediary in international money transfers, use for international remittance activities.

Paya is used for payment on the Payasian application and can be converted into national currencies for online payment, using payment on the Payasian agent chain in Asian countries.

Paya Information

General Information:The Coin of Asian Standard Payment Guaranteed
Full name:PAYA
Release: Ethereum's ERC20 platform
The total number of Token Paya:21 billion

Issue Guaranteed

Total17.85 billion Paya
Time of issueFrom August 29th 2018
Paya Blockis issue guaranteed block

Each block consists of 10,000,000 PAYA.

Difficulty of increasing each block by price: from $0.15 to $ 1,000

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