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Sharers is the winners

There are good reasons to share car trips with others - those who do not go alone, save money, resources for society AND "it's good for the environment." Itinerary to work, less traffic on the road. However, ride sharing programs have not yet become the norm. There is still the "stigma" of car sharing opportunities, which must first start with starting up your Idshare. By the same account, that's what IDshare built and developed - and headed for a completely unlimited sharing service, anytime, anywhere and in any community in the world.

Sharing Economy

By the year 2020, the community uses Idshare shared programs not only in the field of ride, real estate for sale or rental, financial services, education, health ... but beyond it is a protocol communication connection of the civilized community.

Idshare is a combination of IoT with Blockchain technology in The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)

IDShare – Leading of connecting the world

There are huge applications that we are using on the Internet. For security, There must be have an account for application. Therefore, We need to remember all of accounts that we have. Really to complex and upset when you forget them in these accounts while you need to access application immediaterly

Social Netword IDs: Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram …

E-Commercial Website Accounts: Amazon, eBay, Alibaba

Banking and eBanking accounts: Bank Account, Paypal, Credit Card, eWallet, …

Communication Application Account: Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp, Line, Wechat,…

How can we protect all of accounts?

How can we remember all of accounts such as: ID, Username, and Password?

Huge information must be remember and too many your data be stored on providers servers. What happens if one of servers attack by hacker, your data will be clear or stole? In case, your account is ecommercial account and you are store owner, you will be lost customers information. Moreover, you will be lost money if your account is banking and ebanking accounts were stolen

With Blockchain technology, Data will be encrypted and masked when it transports on internet. No hacker can catch and modify data from beginning point to the end point. It's very easy to check transaction information in the comnunity

IDShare is the best solution based on Blockchain technology to solve many problem that we mentioned above. For a user on IDShare, with only one ID that helps you link to more services of providers on the internet. It be maked sure nobody can attack and access your ID on IDShare such as Edit, Detele.

IDShare is a Blockchain application

Private Account Synchronization

  • Sync social networks accounts: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn..
  • Sync messenger application accounts: Viber, Telegram, Wechat,…
  • Sync eCommercial accounts: Amazon,eBay, Alibaba,…
  • Link to Banking Account, Credit Card, ….
  • Link and store eWallet: MOMO, Paypal,…
  • Sync all accounts of accessories applications: Grab, Uber, Alipay, Delivery,….
  • … And more

ID Public

  • Once you have ID on IDShare, you do not register new account on the social network, e-commercial website, forum, ect... You just use the ID on IDShare to access and IDShare makes sure all information is protected by IDShare
  • In General Resource on the IDShare system, there are huge resources shared by succeed person who wants to share case study for young to explore and gain to goal.
  • Health Organisation, Non- goverment, University,… can store and reach information on IDShare when needed such as: hospital, personal immigration, National ID, student profile, staff manager. However, IDShare will be protected your data by setting permission accessing
  • Another applications: Real estate leasing, car sharing, travel, hotel, gifts, charity donations, stock offerings, ...

How to use IDShare?

On IDShare, You need to register an account. Then, you need to set security to protect your information by saving the Private Key into your USB or on your computer. IDShare supplies you more security methods and allows backup everytime to protect your account

IDShare was allocated to multiple levels for data information base on your sharing purpose. Per each level, it will be detect your sharing purpose for public sharing or access to providers systems. All of levels will be targeted due to your needed

When you have an ID on IDShare, you can link to all social networks accounts and just one key to authenticate: Facebook, gmail, Twitter, ... ecommercial website, payment gateway. IDShare will be protected your synchornization and transport connecting

App IDShare: Leading of Connecting the world

IDShare applied multiple encryption type. Your original address will be indentified just only one in IDShare system. You can generate it to QR Code, BarCode, Face regconization identify, and Fingerprint touch key,…

Global Citizens: Standard encytion on Idshare use in the transactions from begin to end point is only one in system: ecommercial transaction, payment, travel, moving, immigration, hospital document, ...

Using IDShare- Personal Wallet on Application will be replaced all types of payment wallets, personal information, National ID, Credit Card information,...

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