The Coin of Asian Standard Payment Guaranteed

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1. Presale:

The total number of Paya deployments for global premiere sales is up to 750,000,000 PAYA

Time Beginning in July 09th 2018
Preferential price $ 0.03 - $ 0.05
Mode Directly through partners - agents in countries

2. Funds for Develop Ecosystem:

Total 2.1 billion Paya is stored at a publicly available intermediary address. And do not use in 2018

3. Funds for Community:

Total 17.85 billion Paya (85%)

Each block consists of 10,000,000 PAYA.

Difficulty of increasing each block by price: from $0.15 to $ 1,000


The application solution on the Blockchain platform for the IoT (Internet of Thing) bring for the community with the best services service in the future

Financial Services

Faster, cheaper settlements could shave billions of dollars from transaction costs while improving transparency


Using Blockchain fo charity fund, non-governmental organization, contituents via smartphone or Tablet. Fast, accurate, transparent, public

Start-up fund

Using Blockchain fair for start-up projects in the field on the world: Fintech (Financial Technology) is the new technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services

Technology platform

In the explosion of the 4.0 revolution, Blockchain is the key technology for converting digital technology and is a big step forward in building and developing future technology platform.

Paya is developed on the Blockchain platform of Ethereum, with the purpose of bringing Blockchain into the field of payment, currency exchange, as well as applicating for community connections and sharing in the Asian market.

With the guaranteed Blockchain platform: no tampering, irreparable tampering, data security, transparency, ... and especially high liquidity.

Guaranteed Funds

Paya does not use the Mining Coin model, so it does not cost extra to exploit Coin. Do not use the ICO model, eliminating the risk for investors Paya.

The world's first coded currency codewise uses the community bond issue model.

The community uses valuable Cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, USDT, SUN, etc. to contribute to the "bail fund". Block Paya will create the Paya for the sponsor. The sponsor will automatically reimburse the sponsor after 6-month.

Paya was not sold by the developer, nor was the company determined that the full amount of Paya was available for sale would have to be paid for by the community itself. And as the demand for the community grows, more and more Paya quantities are released in the market.

Paya Ecosystem

Marketing Policy Paya

Paya pays bonus to members who join and introduce the Paya project to the community.

The world's first coded currency codewise uses the community bond issue model.

All commissions paid by Paya.

Bonus commission are calculated on the total Paya of the referral system, in the folder received when the warrant is issued.

The reward policy :

Commission recommended:20% F1, 15% F2
Bonus commission weak balance:20%
Leadership Bonus:5% bonus for 6 weak branch achievement

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